“We were very satisfied with the service and efficiency of your company.  Getting the quote was quick and easy, and you started on time and delivered it on time. We are very confident with the job you did and have been recommending you to all our neighbors.”

Rusty Maples
Baton Rouge, LA
*More references available upon request
We looked at all the buildings in our area  with all types of construction materials and it was very clear that  the quality of materials and the workmanship of custom portable buildings was way better than all the rest of the ones we looked at. We bought the display model that matched our mobile home colors perfectly. we even had it delivered the next day, and it only took him 30 min. to put it exactly were we wanted it  and put it on blocks and leveled it. We couldn't be more happy  with the building and the delivery, Thank You for everything !

Ted Brumfield 
St. Francisville, LA 
I purchased my building about 5 years ago and it still looks brand new unlike the guy next door who got one of those wooden buildindgs, you know the ones on every other corner, his needs lots of help the wood siding is warping and is rotting in several places and  his door doesn't close right, Thank you for building a high quality maintenence free portable building!

Ralph Cazes 
Clinton, LA 
“We were both amazed at how easy it was to work with your  company. Getting the quote was quick and easy, and you did great work and deliverd and set up the building very fast, A first-class job, you have a customer for life.”

Gillian Lee
Ethel, LA