A 10x16 office bldg. just completed, features 2- 2'x3' windows and a 4' wide mobile home type door..Loaded on the trailer leaving for its new home.
A 2'x3' window with the optional shudders
Bubble foil insulation under roof , Lighting and or any electrical device or system installed Call for Quote!
Our newest model a deluxe storage with a covered porch. this one is a 8x16, an 8x12 bldg. w/ 4'x7' door and a 4'x8' porch. this a our display model and sells for $1,750.00 with free delivery and set-up
Interior of a lofted deer camp with 2- small closets, a ladder to get to the loft and a built in dresser with 9 drawers, on the back wall are the recepticles for power and cable for a HDTV . On the floor is a A/C window  unit that we install in a wall not a window, we cut, trim and seal inside and out