About Us
Custom Portable Buildings Has been in business over 20  years and has served many hundreds of  customers on time and with 100% satisfaction. Our Buildings are totally maintenance  free and feature wood construction with metal siding and our roof metal is the highest quality available in the industry, with a 20 year warranty, our metal will never rust it can't  it is made of 55% Aluminum, 45% Zinc

We have 11 colors to choose from along with an uncolored galvalume along with the same color choices for trim pieces order yours today Call us today at (225)683-8239 We build all our buildings in our shop then load and deliver them, in most cases free, within a 50 mile radius. We can deliver anywhere in Louisiana

Our Services
We are a full service Company who provide Custom Built Buildings, or Standard models that can be delivered and set up on your property.  Also we will Move your building across the yard or across the state,no matter who built it. We also will add doors, windows or other accessories to any building.

We build Buildings from 8x8 to14x30 and have our own Delivery Escort Service for 14' wide Buildings for Fast and Professional delivery dates.

Our materials are hand picked and are the highest quality, nothing but #2 wood is used never a #3 and beware any Co. who use a #3 wood they are substandard and could not be structurely sound.

If you'd like a FREE estimate for a new Building or Service  call us at (225)683-8239.
  - Custom built Buldings
  - Custom built Ramps
  - Additional acessories
   installed on your Bldg.
  - Professonal Building.